EP 20: Fundraising Mechanism with Bonding Curve (4 Use Cases)

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EP 20: Fundraising Mechanism with Bonding Curve (4 Use Cases. Aragon, Giveth, Molecule, Fairmint)

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We’ve covered about bonding curves and the various incentive mechanisms that you can bake into the curve. This episode, we focus on using bonding curve as a way to fundraise for your project. Fundraising Mechanism with Bonding Curve; can you believe how many use-cases bonding curve have!

Fundraising with tokens doesn’t always mean that the token is a security. It can also be a utility. Here, we share 4 use-cases of how bonding curves are used in fundraising. Unlike autonomous market maker, there is no general model to follow.

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  • Bonding curve in AMM vs Fundraising: 00:56
  • Utility token vs Security token in fundraising: 04:06
  • Bonding curve application in fundraising: 04:52
  • Utility token: 09:34
  • Use-case 1, Giveth platform: 10:08
  • Use-case 2, Aragon platform: 14:17
  • Use-case 3, Molecule platform: 17:04
  • Security token: 27:57
  • Use-case 4, Fairmint platform: 28:15
  • Application: 32:41

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