EP 23: How to use Bonding Curve Beyond DeFi

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EP 23: How to use Bonding Curve Beyond DeFi

We’ve talked about bonding curves so many times. You’d think I’ve exhausted the content. HAH! Not a chance.

Today, we have with us Jeff Emmett from the Common Stacks team, sharing with us about augmented bonding curves, generalised bonding curves and various “behind the scene” concepts of bonding curves.

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We covered these topics

  • DeFi and current state
  • Intro to ABC
  • Bonding curve beyond financial use-cases
  • DAICO vs ABC – BC vs ABC
  • How to increase the collaterals that supports the bonding curve
  • How to reduce the risk of investors running away w all the funds in BC
  • Token with dual purpose — governance or redeem for collateral
  • Simulation to see how it works in CADcad and different outcomes
  • Projects using ABC
  • Generalised BC
  • Modelling the reserve pool
  • Token engineering is basically token physics
  • Importance of First principles in token systems
  • Building products upon robust systems
  • Model in insurance
  • Using BC in governance and neo-liberal structures
  • BC and NFT 
  • One advice to token designers and systems designers

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